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New from the worldwide leader in sports performance psionics technology!

Welcome to this exciting new technology
of Power Performance Enhancement ...
... That Defies Detection !!!

This web site delivers a killer application for all who are involved in competitive sports and body building.  You may also safely call power performance psionics an unfair advantage! 
This exciting new technology
opens up for you a whole new world of performance enhancing technology that will leave you entranced, enlightened, and fearsomely empowered!!!  In fact, this extra power for you can be by far the most important factor that can certainly help yo
u make the best of your life, provided that you have the intent to do so.  Here you can find now a simple and, in fact, the highest and most effective way to improve all your prospects for the future.

In the following you will find an incredible new technology to boost your performance to the max.  It is here that you can probe the deepest in your journey to the top.  We are going to present this extraordinary technology for you so that you can gain immediate evidence, from where you will advance step by step to an increasingly deeper grasp of this new energy enhancing technology!

For you, this could well be the first time that learning about a technology will not only be useful, but used.  It is a natural step in the right direction of the success that you were striving to achieve in the past.

Before you continue, we suggest that you examine thoroughly your innermost desires and ask yourself a few questions:

 Do other people envy your success in sports competition?  Your physique?  Or do you envy others?
 Do other people want to be like you?  Or do you wish you were living other people's lives.
 Are others in awe of you?  Do they puzzle at your rapid gains?  In size, strength and skills, do they wonder about your success, and awesome results?  Or is it perhaps the other way around?

Below is a list of just some of the areas that you probably want to strengthen in your workouts.

 More Energy
 Spectacular Success in the sport of your choice

 Rapid muscle growth
 An unrelenting will
 Shortened recovery time
 To boost and focus on a weak muscle group.
 A stronger drive
 Strengthened discipline
 A much higher level of skill

 Boost stamina
 Increase strength
 Achieve and maintain the physique that you always wanted.

 And much, much more.

Power Radionics and Chi Generators:
The Motor of your Performance !!!

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Translucent Chi Transfer
As an option, you can have Power Radionics create an exact filter by merging the Chi transfer from your Chi Generator and link image together to form a pass-thru on every point. This guarantees total transfer of Chi !!!
Stock Filters
Power Radionics comes with thousands of ready-to-use filters that you can use for practically every purpose. You can also use your own easily created filters or images for limitless possibilities !!!
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Besides being a decisive help in your fitness, sports, and body building aspirations, the Power Radionics Program comes with thousands of radionic structures for any given situation. Just select the appropriate structures.

Naturally, with Life Force Boosted Radionics Technology, You can now have much more power to achieve any desirable outcome !!!

Read more about Chi Boosted Radionics
The Chi Generator and Power Radionics:
The Motor
of Your Success!!!

Chi Generators® and
the Power Radionics Program:

Tools for Power Performance and Energy !!!
Where science and self-help come together

Using your Chi Generator® and Power Performance Equipment will help you to:

   put you in charge of your own motivation
   create a compelling future and a personal pathway to it
   build closer relationships and enhance your persuasion skills
   clear up past negative experiences that may have held you back
   enhance your self-appreciation and self-esteem
   create a solid positive mental attitude
   gain more access to your peak performance

What follows may be entirely new to you. We cannot bring a detailed theory on this page. On the other hand, we do by no means demand that you take face value whatever we are telling you. Quite to the contrary, we invite you to perform with us the free 24-hour test and this will be more than sufficient to make you aware of the tremendous power and potential of this extraordinary new technology and provide you with the evidence that you wanted in order to come to an informed decision.

You will then realize that you can use your Power Performance Equipment to accelerate

   your ability to learn any skill you want,
   your ability to set any trend you want, and
   your ability to generate inclination towards any desired result you want. 

This wider range of Power applications is sometimes a difficult concept for some people to understand. They ask: "how can we apply the same methods to body building, precision, motivation, cooperation, negotiations, self-esteem, strategic planning and human excellence?"

You find the answer to this legitimate question is the fact that Chi energy works in the same way as electricity. As you know, electricity powers a variety of things like computers, telephones and CD players.  It is basic to all of them. As far as human accomplishments are concerned, chi energy is basic to all of them.  Therefore the Chi Generator® is at the cutting edge of human achievement, because you can use it to change your inclination and motivation and at the same time energize your body with life force.  With this exciting new technology you can set up the trends that help you

   to do more,
   to have more, and
   to be more.

You know by now that this Chi energy technology defies the usual expectations of what's possible.  In fact, what you can do with it seems so grandiose and unlikely that some people will use that as a excuse to never examine it closely.  Fact is that this situation is an advantage for you, and it's a big one!  You certainly would need more resources to use this extraordinary new technology to your advantage if everybody else used it to the fullest extent of its power and potential!


Structural Links and Chi energy

You have experienced the transfer of life force at any distance.  This transfer is possible with the help of structural links. A structural link is simply any device that makes transfer possible. It compares to a wire through which electricity is transferred or a couple of walkie-talkies that are tuned to the same wave length to make a conversation over a distance possible.

In fact, the walkie-talkie is a grat comparison! These devices need to be on the same wavelength for an individual connection. That's exactly the same way structural links have to be set up. A good example is the structural link that we are using in the test. The diagram that you print and the diagram in front of one of our chi generators are essentially the same. That makes transfer of life force from the device to you possible.

The type structural link that we are using in our tests belongs to the category of identical structures.  Our research showed that it does not matter how such identical structures are achieved.  You can use identical designs (as in the transfer test), or objects that are identical. Very important is uniqueness.  If you use a hexagram (a six pointed star), the energy will spread to any other hexagram, and there are millions of them out there. If you take a hexagram and you write letters into it, for instance one specific letter into each of the six small triangles, then it likely is unique. You can expect an energy flow between the hexagrams with the identical letters inscribed. One of our preferred methods is to break a small crystal into two pieces. The breaking surfaces are identical and unique, consequently the two parts can be used for transfer of life force. That has nothing to do with New Age crystal lovers' lore, but with down-to-earth structural linkage.  Any kind of crystal will do as will any other material that can be broken cleanly, such as glass.  Even brittle plastic will do the trick!

What are Structural Links?

Structural links connect two or more objects so that life force can flow freeley between them. Structural links can be established by identical objects, graphics, numeric sequences, mixtures of substances, or any map, etc.
Because it is unique for every individual, the genetic code is an excellent example of structural linkage.
In the case of such identity, we speak of identical structural links.

If it was just for the transfer of life energy, your Chi Generator® would already be worth its weight in gold. Any expert of chi energy will tell you that a continuous supply of raw life force (chi energy) is extremely beneficial. To draw more life force than the average person, tai chi masters follow extensive practices and exercises. If they did not realize that there are definite advantages to their quite involved and time consuming practices, they would not do them.

Your Chi Generator generates chi energy (life force) continuously and what it generates exceeds by far what the average practitioner can draw with his or her involved and time comsuming practices. This makes physical practice to draw chi energy unneccessary and you can use the time and energy thus gained to develop other skills and precision: skills of the mind, physical skills and a physique for which others will envy you.

But wait ... there is much more possible with this extraordinary new technology than just the generating chi energy and projecting it to yourself or any other person of your choice.

These added possibilities are easy to understand once you familiarized yourself with the concept of a map (or mapping) and use that concept to establish structural links with life force.

A map is an arrangement of a pre-determined set of symbolic representations of elements of our experience in such a way that it reflects one or more relations between the elements. The most familiar map is a street map, of course. It reflects the distances between locations.
The map most used is language. It can be used to describe anything you want to describe.
The structure of the map is specific to what it is supposed to represent. The street map has to do with concrete distances. Other maps simply may reflect a numeric order, a specific weight (such as in the periodic system of chemical elements) or any arbitrary relation.
A map is an abstraction: It represents only a narrow choice of aspects of relation between the elements it describes while leaving out many other characteristics that are not relevant to it. A street map, for instance, shows the distance between the points it represents such as houses, and the way to take to go from point A to point B, but it does not show size, color, etc., of the individual houses or the profession of the people living in the houses.
You can make maps just about anything you choose. The in-famous voodoo doll for example is a map of the human body representing the essential abstractions that the practitioner needs. This doll "symbolizes", so to say, the target.
Therefore, using the concept of a map, you can set up structural connections from one side, either the sender side (as is done in the case of the voodoo doll) or the receiver side.
More importantly, you can map out actions (trends) of any kind, for which you establish symbols. By connecting with such an action and simultaneously connecting with a target person, you can generate a tendency in the target person towards the envisioned action or effect (see the diagrams further below).

We go more into detail about mapping somewhere else, since a full analysis of the processes involved would go much beyong the frame of this web site.

Here we will still point out the fact that a digital map is as valid as any other map. This means that you can use your PC and the Power Radionics Program to boost your aspirations towards achieving success.

What you can do by now is getting the evidence of the power of mapping. Therefore we invite you to the 24-hour test!

Call us and tell us what you want to achieve.
Select one of the following four options (Trends) to boost your performance or enhance yout training:

   Increased Aggression
   Concentration and Precision
   Stamina and Endurance
   Wholesome relaxation to help recovery

You may want to excel in a specific sports activity, or havíng more precision than usual, or accelerate the process of learning and acquiring of skills.

We will then set up the action that you desire and you go ahead and get a good grasp of how it works by way of practical experience and success in the physical activity or sport of your choice !!

See the diagrams below!

This is the schematics of a traditional "magickal" operation:
1.  Life Force connects trend and trend-link, target and target-link.
2.  The connection of trend-link and target-link at the place of the operation causes a connection between trend and target. 
3.  The magician knows to release strong life force that strengthens this connection so that the desired result has an optimal chance to manifest.

The same holds true for power psionics or power radionics!  Seen under the viewpoint above, the radionics device connects structurally to at least two different situations (such as the target person and the trend energy that is "sent" to the target person).  The connection of the structural links to trend and target on the radionics device under the presence of a field of life force will connect target and trend themselves.

In fact, from a point of view of practical magick, or shamanism, you may regard the radionics box as a "universal sigil" and a "universal psychic link" combined.  What the conventional radionics device typically lacks is life force.  Power Psionics adds life force that is generated by a built-in Chi Generator®.

On the left is the diagram of a traditional radionics device, on the right you can see the Power Radionics device that is boosted by a Chi Generator® (Orgone Generator®)!  The difference is obvious:  No longer plays the assumed “giftedness” or “spiritual skill” of the radionics operator any role. This skill is his/her capability of consciously or — in most cases — subconsciously supplying the radionics device or radionics program with life force. The Performer 2400, our device that is specifically designed for sports, fitness and body building, together with the and all other radionics devices from HSCTI have a built-in life energy generator (Chi Generator®).  In other words: Radionics is now even easier and stronger!!!  It's for any person who wants to use it.

The Radionics device or the radionics program establishes structural links, while the Chi Generator® supplies the necessary life energy !!!

Power Radionics, therefore, is the natural combination of the Radionics Device with the Chi Generator®!
Schematics of the Performer 2400 HDS.  The advantage of this life force-boosted radionics device is the fact that the built-in Chi Generator® supplies strongest life energy continuously!

Power Psionics = Chi-Energy Boosted Radionics Technology !!! 

    The Performer 2400 Chi Generator and the Power Radionics Computer Program, are designed to help you get an assured technological edge in your personal matters, business dealings, relationships, sex, and especially in fitness, sports performance !!! 

    While our Power Radionics Program is designed to establish structural links, the Performer 2400 Welz Chi Generator (life force generators) provides the power and energy that's necessary to connect the desired trend energy with the envisioned target. The same energy boosts the stamina and power of your body!  

    Consequently, if you feel that you are just falling short of everything, with Power Psionics (Chi-Energy Boosted Radionics) you can now have this extra assistance that you need for your dreams and desires to come true.  Get yours now!  

Experience A Truly Amazing Test Now !!!

With this extraordinary test we are going to show you that…

Life Force Bridges Any Distance!

The following could well be the most amazing experience you have ever had!!!

The Challenge (... Speaking of "Magic!")

I am certain that you have heard of spells that follow people half around the globe ... usually resulting from some form of shamanic work, or magick, that they think they cannot escape, no matter how hard they try.  Quite often the story goes that a skilled conjurer, shaman, priest, or magician of their hometown had something in mind for them ... for good or for bad.

How is such powerful work done?
In other words ...
 You want to know how this powerful magick works...
 You want to understand
how it is possible that spells can follow people for decades, even if they are thousands of miles away...
 You want to know it,
because ...

 You want the power to meet all your challenges, to solve any problems, and to be a total success in all matters!!! 

In the following you will experience how our amazing technology can do it all for you!  Now you can actually gain deep insights into the working of life force!  You will find out that life force is the source of power of all radionics, ESP, and magickal work, as well as it boosts the energy of your body!  Therefore you are about to penetrate the most ancient of secrets!  What follows now is the rare opportunity to have an eye-opening look into the workshop of the most powerful magicians, conjurers, and shamans.

Find out for yourself by now!  Perform the following easy and truly amazing test!!!  This easy-to-do test will certainly help you make decisions that can put you well on the way to positively change and greatly improve your life for the better!!!

The Test

Perform the following test to feel life energy at a distance now and to 
gain the evidence that you always wanted: 


1. Print the transfer diagram above.

2. Put the printed diagram on a table or on any other surface. It should not be in direct contact your body.

3. Now hold the center of the palm of any of your hands approximately one inch (2 - 3 cm) above the printout of the diagram.

You will be surprised to feel something almost immediately:  either a slight tingling in your hand, a gentle cool breeze, or, as is the case with most people, an agreeable sensation of warmth in the center of your palm that can spread out from the palm…and…

Yes!!! You have just felt life force, perhaps for the first time in your life!

As we show you laterlife force is the subtle energy, or psychic power, that is used in all methods of magick, spiritual work, treasure mapping, self-motivation or shamanic practice

You can feel life force emanating from the printed diagram (some people even feel it off the screen!), because an identical diagram is in front of one of the Chi Generators® in our laboratoriesThat's extremely simple!!!  As a control experiment, hold the palm of your hand above any other surface! 

This experiment shows that you can use technology to harness and direct life Force !!!

The test works even better if you call us for an individualized hook-up or e-mail us for further instructions to test energy transfer at any distance!!!

The Proof

This extraordinary test proves to you first hand that which sensitive and powerful persons of all ages (among them tai chi masters, reiki masters, yogis, shamans, conjurers, magicians, and priests performing spiritual work) knew all along: namely that life force (chi, prana, mana, etc... every culture and language has its own name for the same energy) does transfer at any distance.  Moreover, it transfers without loss of energy.  All that’s needed is the right structural link (some professionals prefer to call it “the psychic link”) to establish contact!  This fact makes their work possible, even easy!  In fact, it is so easy that everybody is now capable of working the magic of professional magicians, shamans, spiritual workers, etc.! 

This has been one of the reasons why many of these professionals decided to guard their powerful secrets like precious gems, making them available only to a few hand picked people! Under no circumstances did they want to lose their lucrative sources of income. 

The Solution

You have just personally experienced one of the most guarded secrets of all ages, namely the transfer of life force (“magical energy” or "psychic energy") at any distance!!!  More importantly:  you have just realized that many secrets of ancient cultures are  technology, yours to use!!! You have just experienced that the effects of any type of magick or spiritual work, such as changing your life for the better, can be achieved by now easily with the help of our powerful technology!!!

By now it is obvious that this new technology can give everybody access to the power of these secrets because… 

It is powerful technology in your hands …
for lasting success and for positive permanent change !!!

Click Here to set up Your Free Chi Energy Transfer Test !!!


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